McDonald’s Allergen Menu

Have you ever been to McDonald’s and wondered about what food is safe for you to eat? Well, They have something called the ‘McDonald’s Allergen Menu.

McDonald’s Allergen Menu is like a special list that tells you which foods are safe to eat if you have allergies. This menu tells you what ingredients are in each meal, So you can choose what’s safe to eat. 

Let’s explore and learn about how this menu helps everyone enjoy McDonald’s safely!

McDonald’s Allergen Menu USA 2024

Eating at McD can be tricky if you have food allergies, But it’s good that McDonald’s has some menu choices that are safe for people with allergies. They give you information about what allergens are in their food, So you can choose wisely.

There are 19 allergens they tell you about, like wheat, nuts, eggs, and more. Below is a table that shows which McDonald’s menu items have these allergens in them.

McDonald’s Main Menu

Menu ItemsWheatRyeBarleyOatsSpeltKamutSoyaNutsPeanutsSesameMilkEggsFishCeleryMustardMolluscsLupin
Big MacYesYesYesYes
Quarter Pounder With CheeseYesYesYes
Double Quarter Pounder With CheeseYesYesYes
McChicken SandwichYesYes
Vegetable DeluxeYesYes
Chicken SelectsYes
Chicken McNuggetsYes
Veggie Dippers
Double CheeseburgerYes
Bacon Double CheeseburgerYes
Triple CheeseburgerYes
Mayo ChickenYes
Bacon Mayo ChickenYes

McDonald’s McCafe Iced Drinks

Menu ItemsWheatRyeOatsSpeltKamutSoyaNutsPeanutsSesameMilkEggsFishCeleryMustardMolluscsLupin
Iced LatteYes
Strawberries And Cream FrappeYes

McDonald’s Drinks Menu

Menu ItemsWheatRyeBarleyOatsSpeltKamutSoyaNutsPeanutsSesameMilkEggsFishCeleryMustardMolluscsLupin
Coca-cola zero sugar
Sprite (no sugar)
Diet Coke
Coca-cola Classic
Fanta Orange
Banana MilkshakeYes
Chocolate MilkshakeYes
Strawberry MilkshakeYes
Vanilla MilkshakeYes
Tropicana Orange Juice
Bottled Water
Robinsons Fruit Shoot
Flat WhiteYes
Toffee LatteYes
Black Coffee
White CoffeeYes
Hot ChocolateYesYes
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade
Caramel Iced FrappeYes
Mango & Pineapple SmoothieYes

McDonald’s Happy Meal

Menu ItemsWheatRyeBarleyOatsSpeltKamutSoyaNutsPeanutsSesameMilkEggsFishMustardCelery
Chicken McNuggetsYesYes
Fish FingersYesYes
Veggie Dippers
Small Fries
Fruit Bag
Apple & Grape
Fruit Bag – Pineapple Stick
Fruit Bag – Melon
Carrot Bag
Cucumber Sticks
Organic Semi-Skimmed MilkYes
-Robinsons Fruit Shots
Tropicana Orange Juice
Bottled Water

McDonald’s Salads

Menu ItemsWheatRyeBarleyOatsSpeltKamutSoyaNutsPeanutsSesameMilkEggsFishCeleryMustard
Grilled Chicken Salad
Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad
Crispy Chicken SaladYes
Crispy Chicken & Bacon SaladYes
Side Salad
Balsamic Dressing

McDonald’s Big Flavor Wraps

Menu ItemsWheatRyeBarleyOatsSpeltKamutSoyaNutsPeanutsSesameMilkEggsFishCeleryMustard
The Sweet Chilli Chicken OneYesYesYesYes
The BBQ & Bacon Chicken OneYesYesYesYes
The Garlic Mayo Chicken OneYesYesYesYesYes
The Spicy Veggie OneYesYes

McDonald’s Desserts

Menu ItemsWheatRyeBarleyOatsSpeltKamutSoyaNutsPeanutsSesameMilkEggsFishCeleryMustard
Millionaire’s DonutYesYesYes
Chocolate BrownieYesYesYesYes
Mixed Berry MuffinYesYesYesYes
Triple Chocolate CookieYesYesYesYes
Sugar DonutYesYesYes
Hot Apple PieYes
McFlurry MaltesersYesYesYesYes
McFlurry SmartiesYesYesYes
McFlurry OreoYesYesYes
Mini McFlurry MaltesersYesYesYes
Mini McFlurry SmartiesYesYes
Mini McFlurry OreoYesYesYes

McDonald’s Condiments And Sauces

Menu ItemsWheatRyeBarleyOatsSpeltKamutSoyaNutsPeanutsSesameMilkEggsFishCeleryMustard
Tomato Ketchup
BBQ DipYes
Sweet Curry DipYesYes
Sweet & Sour DipYesYesYesYes
Smokey BBQ Dip
Sweet Chilli Dip
Sour Cream & Chive DipYesYes
Lurpak SpreadableYes
Strawberry Jam
Pancake Syrup
Flora Original
Golden Syrup

McDonald’s Allergen Menu Breakfast

Menu ItemsWheatRyeBarleyOatsSpeltKamutSoyaNutsPeanutsSesameMilkEggsFishCelery
Breakfast Roll with Tomato KetchupYesYesYesYes
Breakfast Roll with Brown SauceYesYesYes
Bacon Roll with Tomato KetchupYes
Bacon Roll with Brown SauceYesYes
Sausage & Egg McMuffinYesYesYesYes
Bacon & Egg McMuffinYesYesYesYes
Double Sausage & Egg McMuffinYesYesYesYes
Double Bacon & Egg McMuffinYesYesYesYes
Egg & Cheese McMuffinYesYesYesYes
Mighty McMuffin with Tomato KetchupYesYesYesYesYes
Mighty McMuffin with Brown SauceYesYesYes
Muffin With JamYesYesYes
Pancakes & SyrupYesYesYes
Pancakes with Sausage & SyrupYesYesYes
Cheesy Bacon FlatbreadYesYes
Hash BrownYes

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So, That’s all about the McDonald’s Allergen Menu. This menu is great because it helps you enjoy your food without worrying about getting sick.

Remember, It’s always good to check the allergen menu to make sure you’re picking the right food for you.

Next time you’re at McDonald’s, Use this menu to find delicious and safe meals. It’s a special way McDonald’s takes care of their guests with allergies!

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What is the McDonald’s Allergen Menu?

The McDonald’s Allergen Menu is a list of information that tells you which allergens are in their food items.

Can You Eat At McDonald’s With Egg Allergy?

Yes, you can eat at McDonald’s with an egg allergy, but you need to be cautious and check their allergen menu to choose items that are egg-free and safe for you to consume.

Are McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Peanut Free?

Yes, McDonald’s has confirmed that their chicken nuggets do not contain peanuts.

Are McDonald’s Fries Dairy Free?

Yes, McDonald’s classic fries are dairy-free and suitable for those avoiding dairy. The fries are made from potatoes, vegetable oil, and salt. They do not contain any milk ingredients.

How often is the Allergen Menu updated?

McDonald’s updates the menu regularly to ensure it’s accurate.

Are there kid-friendly options on the Allergen Menu?

Yes, the Allergen Menu includes kid-friendly choices, making it easier for children with allergies to enjoy a meal at McDonald’s.


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